Idea: Jira Web Application (Single Page)


For me it’s pretty strange that the most popular (IMHO) task tracker does not have web application (only webpage). All products hosted by Atlassian is terribly slow! Almost for each action it reloads the page. Nowadays it’s not possible to imaging good online service that is not responsive single page.

I hope that they already started working on new version that would be completely single page. Also I could not find any plugin that would cover this possibility.

So basically my idea is to make Jira SPA like a core solution, or create a plugin for Jira at least for the most used part – Agile Board.

Making Jira better

Our team found that it was not so convenient to have avatars for assigned developers only for Plan mode and not for Work (Rapid board of Jira Agile).

I’d create a question about that issue on Atlassian Answers, but unfortunately the answer was “Unfortunately this is not possible due to the way User Stories are displayed in the system.

I had a thought “why not to tweak it with userscript?” and solution came after:


You are welcome with criticism and suggestions.