VP Engineering(or CTO) responsibilities

Once upon a time, CPO asked me what my current activities are and I did not have an exact answer. It was so unusual for me because I really like to structure everything and know all the detailed answers. On a position of a technical coordinator / VP Engineering (or you can call it CTO), I have so many different types of activities that are difficult to structure.

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Boring calls from Recruiters? Get pated for it!

Answering 100500 times the same stupid questions via phone (taking in account that all this information is presented on the linkedIn profile) makes me mad.

It’s not possible to conceal your phone number, sooner or later it will appear in one of call-maniac agencies databases.

I also tried to setup a kind of phone firewall for unknown numbers, but it also not a solution because there is probability that you will miss important call.

And finally I came to idea of setting up premium-rate phone number and placing it everywhere together with profile. So we kill two birds with one stone: filter recruiters that even don’t know you and don’t want to read the profile before call, and also get some money for this boring time.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy to arrange such kind of number and it’s quite expensive. So if you have any idea how to do it – please share.

Good Recruiter through the eyes of a Software engineer

Suddenly I came to understanding that recruiters and developers don’t know each other. We like live in different worlds and speak different languages: sometimes on recruiting language words AngularJS, PHP and Java could mean the same. But believe me, they are not.

So this post is kind of compilation of hints and advices to let Recruiters know how you look like through the eyes of a Software engineer.

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