Idea: code2video

Making code writing video recordings become more and more popular.

I was inspired by great presentation by Tero Parviainen at NG-NL 2015, he made all his talk based on a coding screencast. It is something in between boring slides with ready code and life coding that takes much time.

I wanted to create something similar for my presentation, but realised that it could take too much time just to rewrite code that I’d already had. So I came to idea about such service that will generate video for you. I could simply provide github link for this service and probably some params like speed of typing and may be something else and it will generate nice video file for you. Technically it should not be difficult – you just start virtual machine and run some software to imitate code typing, it could be even javascript.

For front-end code next step could be the option to record not only code typing but also browser output(with livereload), maybe also with opened console.

It should be nice service to make awesome coding presentation and save a lot of time!