ngEurope2018. brief review.

Just to have less confusion I would like to say that there were no ngEurope2017, it was ngEurope2016 in October and next one was ngEurope2018 in February.

Manfred Steyer – High-Performance Applications with Angular (video)

  • Lazy loading
  • OnPush
  • AOT + TreeShaking(with build optimizer)
    • new AOT compiler is coming
  • Service Workers for caching (did not cover)

Erik Haddad – PWA Angular and Firebase (video)

  • what is Angular
  • what is PWA
  • what is firebase
    • auth
    • database
    • storage
    • cloud functions
  • AngularFire2
    • * new AngularFireStorage
  • Firechat

Christian Liebel – On the road to PWA: building real-cross platform Angular apps with Cordova & Electron (video, code)

real cross-platform:

  • single codebase
  • maximum code reuse

What is PWA?

Native App Packaging: Cordova and Electron.

Demo session to show how DI works for different devices based on env.

Stefanie Trimble Fluin – Creating Beautiful Experiences Fast with Angular Material (video)

  • material design
  • angular material
    • basic intro how to use the library
  • theming
  • CDK (was not covered)

Antal Andrei – A look into the future: Angular Elements (video, slides, code)

  • need to have angular components outside angular
  • introduction of web components
  • Angular Elements – angular components packaged in web components
    • @angular/elements
    • ngDoBootstrap inside component
    • registerAsCustomElements

Relative video: Pascal Precht – Angular Elements (at ng-be)

Asim Hussain – How to hack an Angular app? (video)

Asim told us 3 hacker break-in stories that based on simple things.

Story1: Github story

git hook to localhost -> http://0:9200/_shutdown -> http://0:email -> memcache -> deprecated python library

moral: don’t underestimate small things

Story2: Equifax

moral: use latest versions of your software to be sure that there are no known vulnerabilities


About cross-env fake npm package

moral: don’t trust npm by default, there are fake npm packages.

nsp – tool to check for package version

Todd Motto – Angular Architecture: From Patterns to Implementation. (video)

Todd tried to show an example of real-world objects and their communication to describe Redux(or ngRx) logic and high-level component/modules architecture.

Sean Larkin – webpack4: most important update for Angular  (video)

Quite inspiring one!

  • smaller and faster builds
    • new plugin system
      • hooks are now monomorphic
  • modernization
  • developer experience
    • RIP commonChunck plugin

Adam Bradley – Next Generation Ionic: Built for PWAs and interoperability (video)

From the beginning, I have a feeling that it was a paid talk from a sponsor.

  • ionic uses customElements (the same as Angular Elements)
  • need to have a look at stenciljs (it’s still unclear after the talk)
  • lazy loading on component level

Sven Sauleau – Let’s compose JavaScript and Reason (video)

It was quick intro with simple examples of Reason power over types. If you are about to start with Reason I strictly recommend to watch this talk.

Mashhood Rastgar – Rapid prototyping using Angular and Firebase (video)

Mashhood was showing a live coding doing a twiter clone with Firebase: database and auth. The whole app to create and deploy took him only 12min!  If you want to start working with Firebase services check the video.

Jen Looper – Boost Your App’s Emotional Intelligence with NativeScript, Angular and Machine Learning (video)

IMHO, the most inspiring talk of the conference. It was a combination of IoT, AI, and NativeScript.

After this talk, I already want to buy some IoT sensors and start building NativeScript to manage them.