ng-be 2016. brief review

great organisation, great speakers, great conference, unfortunately I don’t have time for detailed overview and provide you only with brief-brief notes.

Keynote or “don’t worry about Angular4” by Igor Minar (video)

The main point was the Angular team goes to semver versioning and they are going to produce major candidate each half year, so we will see Angular3 Angular4 already in march 2017 and so on:

So Angular2 is just Angular, and Angular1 is AngularJS. That’s all you need to know about naming.

I had a chance to ask Igor about missing documentation for ng2 library creation. And he promised to take care about it the following week. And unfortunately after a month it’s still a draft

Reactive parenting with Angular 2 by Pawel Kozlowski (video)

Pavel explained the ViewContainerRef concept and own ngIf implementation based on it. A lot of unclear diagram illustrations that make complex topic event more complex. After he should how to build popover(component) that will be dynamically inserted into the view with help of ComponentFactoryResolver and entryComponents ngModel property.

Be prepared that to understand that material you will have to watch the video 2-3 times.

Boosting the security of your Angular 2 by Philippe De Ryck (video)

Angular is providing some XSS security content escaping out of the box. If you want to skip the escaping you can use one of bypass strategies:

Use AOT to make it even safer (no evals).

How to prevent XSS when it’s already there: Content Security Policy (CSP) is a new browser security policy. Could be delivered in headers or in meta tags.

You can use google csp-evaluator to check your site.

Unleashing the power of GraphQL by Gerard Sans (video)

Facebook started with GraphQL 2012 for Mobile Native Teams, from 2015 it’s opensourced. github migrated their api to graphQl in 2016.

query-data one-to-one relation:

Nice intro GraphQL and a lot of examples of Angular implementation.

Angular the Application Architecture software the Scalable by Minko’s Gechev ( Video )

First part was too abstract and about nothing, second part was about Redux integration that was also not so obvious.

Angular and React by Pascal Precht & Oliver Zeigermann (video)

  • runtime performance tuning (rendering drag and drop for svg-boxes. improved performance with onPush and Immutable objects)
  • server-side rendering (how to setup SSR, Angular more complex in terms of setup)
  • 3rd-party library integration

I guaranty that you would like to return back to this presentation and watch it again.

Practical AngularJS DevOps by Nick Trogh (video)

Talk was about using Microsoft DevOps tool from Microsoft guy with mentioning some obvious things between this and then.

Start-up Performance with Lazy Loading by Manfred Steyer (video)

  • Lazy Loading base idea and implementation
  • canLoad guard to prevent loading
  • Preloading and Preloading strategy
  • The right way of doing Shared Module


Angular 2 Forms by Todd Motto (video)

There are 2 approaches:

  • template driven
  • reactive

Parts of reactive one:

  • FormControl – Control
  • FromGroup – Group of Controls
  • FromArray – Array of Controls
  • FromBuilder – Helper to generate Controls
  • Validators

Than Todd showed really nice example of dynamic forms – Pizza Creator and explained its code. The most interesting part – custom controls (from 18:36) by using ControlValueAccessor. The most exciting part about keyboard control: so you have native behaviour on your custom controls.

Making SVG and Canvas Graphics by Tero Parviainen (video)

First part is about SVG in general and several hint what to do with it in Angular:

  • use the svg: namespace prefix
  • use the attr. prefix for binding to attributes
  • don’t use element selectors for components

The same for canvas:

  • put a <canvas> tag in a component template
  • give it a reference variable name
  • inject to component class as @ViewChild()
  • draw from component lifecycle hooks

and for SVG animations:

  • use CSS for simple things
  • use ngAnimate for tighter integration
  • use Greensock for complex animations or better browser compatibility

and the thing about canvas animations, that you need to take requestAnimationFrame() out of Angular Zone:

this.ngZone.runOutsideAngular(() =&gt; this.paint(true));

Source code for all the demos.