AngularJS: from 1.2 to 1.4 hints

Just a checklist to prevent issues with application migration.


  • no .bind, .call and .apply
  • no __proto__
  • no Object


fixed strange behaviour (from 1.3): before ‘f’, ‘0’, ‘false’, ‘no’, ‘n’, ‘[]’  have been converted to false. Check you ng-if statements.


.copy() – makes a copy of only own properties (from 1.3)

.forEach() – does not take in account new elements (if during the loop size was changed)(from 1.3)


directive property replace – is now deprecated (from 1.3)

responseInterceptors property was removed from $httpProvider (from 1.3) – now it’s just $httpProvider.interceptors

$cookieStore is deprecated from 1.4 ( you should use $cookie instead)

If you know more tricky places – do not hesitate to share!