Disable chrome profile button does not work anymore

In previous chrome version it was very convenient profile switcher: it’s only 2 clicks and you are there. But they decided to update it, why? Now you have this ugly button:

not convenient profile button

instead of icon. And with this button I’ll have dropdown, then model, then…

Before it was possible to switch off this new “feature” in chrome://flags, but with new version off chrome it’s not possible anymore.

But it’s still possible to run browser with this flag (thx for @zerkms for the hint):


So I’ve created AppleScript with shell command to to run chrome with that flag:

do shell script "/Applications/Google\\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\\ Chrome –disable-new-avatar-menu &
killall ChromeScript.app"

saved it as an application and added to startup apps list. And now I’m happy again :)

The mac chrome-runner application is on github.