Формы и валидация данных в Angular

В отличии от AngularJS в Angular сделали целый модуль, который помогает в обработке форм.

Angular предлагает 2 подхода работы с формами:

  • основанный на шаблонах (template-driven)
  • реактивный (reactive)

Шаблонный более традиционный для декларативного подхода фреймворка. Реактивный появился позже и считается более прогрессивным и гибким. Мы разберем оба подхода.

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ng-nl 2017. brief review

Already like a good tradition I visited ng-nl conference (ng-nl 2015, ng-nl 2016).

Same as previous year it was great place and awesome people around.

But this time they really messed up with the schedule. I expected to have order of the topics that is provided on official web site, but appeared that it’s not actual and I had to follow the app one, basically the only place. And the app was lagging :(

Strange that this year I did not see anybody from the core Angular team. Also no old good Pascal Precht and Tero Parviainen in the list. At least we had good presentation by Todd Motto about Reactive Forms and really inspiring GraphQL talk by Uri Goldshtein.

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